In Tallers Servera, for 50 years, we have been installing and repairing hydraulic submersible pumps in wells and drillings. This help us to make a project fully tailored to your needs, with every minute detail included.

With Bombas Caprari, one of the brands with better quality and efficiency in the market, and its broad range , we will be able to choose the most suitable model in order to get best value to your installation.

The Rylbrun flexible pipe for wells, with its high performances, among which we find: possibility of making installations up to 200 m. in depth, preventing the formation of calcareous scaling, not susceptibility to corrosion, self sustainability, which means they don't need auxiliary elements such as fixing and support systems.

This system enables us, in case of failure, to pull out and to put in the pump 3 times faster than conventional systems with rigid pipes, whether metallic or plastic.

U-PVC pipes allow us to install pumps up to 300 m. depth without being affected by corrosion and limescale deposits, which are the pipe's worst problems.