Photovoltaic solar energy

Maintenance of a 2 MW photovoltaic power plant, Llucmajor.

2.280 W facility on solar tracker, Algaida

Wind turbine DB 70 with 2.500 W solar panel on solar tracker in country house.

3 Sunny inverters for panels ND 1, and 1 Windy Boy for wind turbine.

6 panels of 185 W in a country house, Llucmajor.

3.000 W solar panel facility, Costitx Astronomic Observatory.

18 panels of 245 W for a single-family home, Manacor.

960 W solar panel for small country house near Campanet Caves.

3 Studer inverters ( three-phase), wind turbine regulator and 2500 a/h accumulators.

1.410 W solar panel, for rural estate in Algaida, with inverter and 12 accumulators.

68 panels of 235 W and wind turbine Enair DB 160 in rural estate, Montuïri.

3 Windy Boy 3800 for Enair DB 160 and 1 Sunny Tripower 15000 TL. for rural estate

6 SMA Sunny Island Inverters, of 5.000 W, three-phase conected, for rural estate.

3 out of 6 Sunny Island inverters, of 5 KW, and 3 Windy Boy 3800, for rural estate

3 Windy boy 3800, 1 Sunny Tripower 15000 TL and 48 accumulators of 2.500 a/h

An overview of the facility in a rural estate, Montuïri.