Tallers Servera, more than 50 years providing energy.

Energias Renovables


The energy of the future, now. Noiseless, without emissions, unrestricted,wherever you need it. An alternative to conventional energies for a sustainable world.  

Grupos Electrogenos


Provide services such:
support to photovoltaic systems, power grid failure emergencies, ... We cover all sectors: industrial, agricultural, domestic…                                            

Bombas hidraulicas


A wide range of pumps allow us to reach underground waters, at even more than 500 m. depth. Connected to your house power grid or to solar panels.

Nuestra Empresa

Tallers Servera

Our goal is to offer our customers the best after-sales service. For this purpose, we have a more than 400 m2 repair shop where we have the machinery and necessary tools for all sorts of repairs and tests related to our activities, as well as several vans and a truck appropriately equipped in order to transport materials, carry out home repairs and maintenance. We provide you with an extensive range of replacement equipments to prevent power supply from being disrupted while a part of your installation is being repaired.

Nuestros Proveedores